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– Steve Couper –

NZ fishing and hunting video specialist

Member – NZ Professional Fishing Guides Association

Member – NZ Professional Hunting Guides Association 


Working with New Zealand outfitters and hunting guides, fishing and hunting enthusiasts, I now assist in the creation of personalised footage and hunting videos. But I don’t just work locally – international destinations provide a whole range of exciting hunting opportunities that are too good to forget. My previous film assignments include hunting Buffalo and Scrub Bulls in Australia, Sheep in Iran, Elephant, Leopard, Lion and Buffalo in Tanzania, Spring Buck, Clipspringer and Kudu in South Africa, Buffalo in New Guinea and Desert Sheep in Mexico. If you’re planning a once-in-a-lifetime hunting or fishing expedition and want to get it on film, I can capture every moment to perfection.

Skills & Passion 

Since discovering my fascination for cameras  and wildlife at a young age, I’ve followed this passion all my life. Spent many years working for the big screen, documentary videos and television. During this time I was lucky enough to work on a range of big film and TV productions including The Lord of The Rings, The Worlds Fastest Indian, Peter Pan, The Water Giant, The Discovery Channel, The Disney Channel and National Geographic.
While I continue to work as a member of the camera crew for TV commercials locally and internationally, I now work to combine my love for film with my other life long passion, hunting and fishing. I regularly get into the backcountry hunting, or fly fishing for trout – and New Zealand’s beautiful landscape makes the perfect backdrop for hunting and fishing footage.

Pride in my Work

It’s wonderful filming great adventures, and I love it. The other aspect is pulling it all together and creating a lasting memory that others can take away and share, that’s priceless.
My work includes full post-production editing to create an expertly shot, cut and edited version of your hunting or fishing expedition. Don’t miss the opportunity to capture your adventures on film – contact me  about my professional filming services.

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