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Filming services for your New Zealand hunting trip

The best way to showcase hunting in New Zealand to the rest of the world is through a rich visual display highlighting your hunting lodge, trophy hunting terrain and animals. Stealth Films can work with you to create a professional video demonstration of everything your hunting service has to offer.
Alternatively, you can draw from our library of stock footage and photography. Use our quality video clips and still images to showcase the New Zealand species, lodges and opportunities available to international hunters. Just click here to see what we have available.

Steve Couper possesses a unique natural ability to capture all of those “exhilarating hunting moments” in a 100% professional and totally unobtrusive way. It is my pleasure to fully endorse his filming and editing services. You won’t be disappointed – Don Patterson, Manuka Point Lodge.

Manuka Point-1000Enquire about filming your NZ hunting trip

At Stealth Films, we offer a range of NZ hunting and fishing filming services . Read about our HD camera rental  and video editing services or get in touch to find out how we can film your hunting or fishing safari.