Hunting in NZ – The Red Stag ‘ROAR’

May 2, 2013 | Posted By: | Uncategorized |

We spent a few days camping out in the Fiordland bush with high expectations that we would have a great Red Stag ROAR. If you are a hunter these few weeks hunting stags are not be be missed.

The mornings were crisp and it felt just right. The first few days were great and we had vocal stags to keep us enthusiastic late into the morning.

We managed a couple of animals this being the best of them. Both shot within 20 metres. It made great footage.

The rain moved, we changed our location, and that was to be the last good stag activity we heard. It rained and got warm, and that seemed to stop them pretty much. Our next fly camping location deep in the bush proved fruitless with only one distant stag heard. So now it’s over for another year and it’s time to reflect on the few good days we had and to start planning for next years RED STAG ROAR.