New Zealand Fly Fishing Film Released

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Steve Couper of Stealth Films is one of New Zealand’s few professional producers of Hunting, Fly Fishing and Wildlife Documentary films. After the popularity of his first Fly fishing film, “The Dead Drift” he is proud to release the sequel.

The one and a half hour professionally shot and edited new film “Stealth with a Fly” was filmed amongst some of New Zealand’s most stunning wilderness waters in New Zealand’s South Island.

The film is once again a co-production between Steve and acclaimed NZ Fishing Guide Dean Bell, one of New Zealand’s premier Fishing guides.

“In this film we address in detail the most common issues fly anglers face when trout fishing. ‘Stealth with a Fly’, is for the fly fisherman seeking insight into converting angling opportunity into greater angling success”, Dean comments.

The film is being released in two versions. One as the traditional hard copy DVD, and the other as an internet download, for those looking for an immediate ‘fly fishing fix’.

 View the trailer

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